our staff

Chloe Reed

Executive Director & Upper Elementary 

Chloe has been an active part of the North Coast community since 2007.  Her love of teaching and collaborative classrooms began twenty years ago with her teacher credentialing program at the University of Vermont.  At UVM, Chloe was trained in curriculum development and assessment-based instruction which allows her to design academic programs rooted in student interests and needs rather than rely on packaged curriculum. After several years as a classroom teacher, Chloe attended Literacy Collaborative Coordinator training at Lesley University in order to become a literacy teacher trainer and coach for her district. Chloe worked in classrooms from grades Kindergarten to eighth, implemented the district’s staff development program, and acted as a bridge between administration, faculty, teachers, and parents.  Chloe has studied organizational leadership through the Master's program at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. Chloe is a trained Montessori Model United Nations leader and led student delegates to the New York conferences in 2018 and 2020. Chloe has held the role of Montessori parent, FMDM Board member, Upper Elementary teacher, and Director of Montessori del Mar Learning Center before transitioning to be Executive Director of Montessori del Mar Community School.  This year, Chloe will also be co-teaching the Upper Elementary with Holly. Chloe’s son, Griffin, has attended Montessori schools since pre-school.

Contact: chloedirector@montessoridelmar.org

Special Focuses: Program Development, School Operations,  Parent Communication, Montessori Model UN,  Reading & Writing Workshop

Holly Sinclair

Upper Elementary 

Holly knew she wanted to work with children early on in her college career. She received her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a minor in Education before going on to get her Masters in Education and Single Subject teaching Credential in Mathematics, all at UC Santa Cruz. She taught mathematics at a public school in Scotts Valley, CA and loved working with children, but she wanted to work more collaboratively with the students and connect with them on an individual basis. While pursing her professional career in teaching she also was very passionate about all things athletic with a focus on soccer. After playing college soccer she went on to coach Fort Bragg High School girls soccer and now the Mendocino High School girls team as well as the co-ed Middle School team. She feels that by working at the Montessori school she will be able to work with students both academically and athletically in a way that feels more authentic to who she is and how she wants to inspire the youth. She is excited to integrate, learn, and grow from the Montessori program. 

Contact: Holly@montessoridelmar.org

Special Focuses: Math, fitness, athletics, health

Elizabeth "Libby" Neumaier

Lower Elementary 

Libby grew up in the Detroit area and began her longstanding teaching career in her early twenties at an AMI Montessori school in Michigan.  She taught in Montessori schools for many years then in private, charter, and public schools.  At every type of school, she brought Montessori ideas and lessons to the children.

Libby has used her experience to develop classrooms rich in science, creative arts and mindfulness throughout her career.  Libby says she likes “…to help the children combine the arts and sciences with the academics to promote a rich and vibrant classroom. I learn so much when I follow the student’s interests and ideas.”  Libby has her Master's degree in education, holds a CA multiple subject teaching credential, and is trained in primary and elementary Montessori. Libby is thrilled to be a part of the Montessori Del Mar community and looks forward to encouraging a life-long love of learning in the students. In her spare time, Libby practices yoga and mindfulness, and enjoys hiking, kayaking, and camping. Libby has one adult son who Montessori preschool and elementary in Michigan.

Contact: Libbylowerel@montessoridelmar.org


Special Focuses: Peace education, cultural outreach, building community

Heather Chappell


Heather has been a beloved early learning teacher for decades in our community. Heather ran her Heather's School House in her home and also acted as assistant director at the Children's Garden. Heather describes her teaching style as encouraging "...individualized education through open-ended questions and discovery in multi-age classrooms with an emphasis on peer mentoring". This approach is an ideal match with Montessori philosophy. Heather is participating in Montessori Primary teacher training and has found a meaningful connection between her past practices and educational beliefs and the Montessori method.   Heather and Susan are looking forward to working together to offer a creative and individualized Primary Montessori program for our students. 

Contact: heatherprimary@montessoridelmar.org

Special Focuses: early childhood development, inquiry based learning, social/emotional development

Susan Joyer


Susan Joyer is an experienced educator in both traditional and Montessori settings. Her background has shown her first-hand the advantage of the holistic Montessori approach. Susan is eager to help students build independence and academic self-confidence, which allows them to transform their natural curiosity into a life time love of reading and learning. Susan is passionate about drawing and painting and engages students in the arts.  She also fosters well rounded community-minded children.  Besides teaching and art, she loves to bike ride, swim, and walk on the beach. She and her husband, Tom, raised three wonderful children (now grown) here on the coast. They also have three beautiful grandsons. Susan is excited to have the opportunity to work with the staff, families, and students at Montessori del Mar Community School.


Special Focuses: Love of Reading & Writing, Building Self-Esteem, Art

Kristi Lentz-Taylor

Independent Study

Kristi joins our staff with a wealth of experience supporting homeschool families and providing one-on one virtual instruction to children of all ages. Kristi is a credentialed teacher; she holds a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in education and literacy. Like Chloe, Kristi is trained in the workshop model of literacy instruction. Kristi also is a fluent Spanish speaker and has taught Spanish in school and private settings for many years. Kristi is pursuing her AMI Montessori training at the Southwest Institute of Montessori Studies


Contact: kristiindstudy@montessoridelmar.org