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MdMCS Safety and Emergency Plans

(this is a link to our plans which are updated yearly)

Responding to severe weather & power outages:

We ask that parents and staff remain aware of power outages and be prepared and available for contact from school. Our school address is 22850 N Highway 1. This can be input into the PGE Power Outage Report page on their website to check the status:

If power goes out overnight in the morning before school starts and is not expected to be restored promptly, we will remain CLOSED for the duration of the outage.


If the power goes out while school is in session, parents will be contacted and students will be sent home. We will contact both parents by phone or text and then move down the names on the emergency contact list. Please make any arrangements in advance to ensure your child can be picked up and brought to safety in the case of an emergency. 


Thank you for your attention to this announcement.

Director's Notes, Agreements, Forms, and Policies for Parents



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