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Montessori del Mar Community School is the only Montessori program on the North Coast. We are committed to the Montessori Method, child-centered individualized instruction, and an inclusive and diverse community.  Our school is a nonprofit organization and tuition is collected from enrolled families. A key part of our mission is to offer a Montessori education to as many families as possible.


Montessori del Mar has three classrooms: Primary Bridge, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary and serves students ages 4-13.  The Montessori learning environment is carefully prepared for multi-age students and teachers are viewed as guides, rather than bearers of information.   The Montessori framework centers on choice, autonomy, relatedness, and the establishment of a productive and supportive learning community in order to develop competence, self-regulation, independence, and ownership over learning.  The Montessori ideals of global citizenship and grace and courtesy guide the community’s behaviors and practices.  This is embodied in participation in the Montessori Model UN—an international program that asks students to apply their learning to a global context.


Our Organization

Montessori del Mar Community School is a non-profit independent school providing a full course of instruction for students.  It was founded in the spring of 2018.   The organization is made up of a Board of Directors, working committees, and staff who serve the learning community of MdMCS.  Directors and committee members are volunteers and receive no compensation for their efforts on behalf of the school.

our mission

At MdMCS, our mission is to create a purposeful, stimulating, and nurturing Montessori learning environment. Learning at MdMCS is an expansive, child-centered, and collaborative undertaking rooted in the Montessori values of social justice, humanitarianism, and environmental stewardship.

MdMCS strives to develop inspired life-long learners and a sense of global citizenship in our community. By establishing a  cohesive learning community, we build understandings of Montessori philosophy and practice in children and adults, and foster a culture of working together with respect for others and our environment. MdMCS is a learning community where children realize their academic, social, and personal potential while maintaining a global perspective.


At Montessori del Mar Community School, we believe that parents, students, and staff play important roles in making our learning community the best it can be.  We value shared leadership, Montessori philosophy/method and engaged community.


We ask MdMCS parents and guardians to:

  1. Engage in organizational practices including the Parent Orientation, MdMCS Board meetings, parent education, -teacher conferences and other classroom and school-wide activities.

  2. Support the day-to-day operations of the school and adhere to school procedures.

  3. Learn more about the Montessori method, and its implementation in the classroom and at home.

  4. Communicate regularly and respectfully, with Community School administration and staff, leadership bodies like the MdMCS Board of Directors, and other members of the MdMCS community.

  5. Develop and adhere to parent-teacher agreements.


We ask MdMCS teachers/staff to:

  1. Engage in organizational development processes and structures including Parent Orientation, MdMCS Board meetings, parent education, parent-teacher conferences, and other activities.

  2. Be trained in, and receive Montessori credentials/diploma from, a Montessori teacher education program (teaching staff).

  3. Participate in ongoing professional development including, but not limited to, attending AMS, AMI, and NAMTE conferences, working with Montessori teacher trainers, and observing accredited Montessori programs.

  4. Reflect on current practice, be responsive to feedback/input, and collaborate with the MdMCS administration and Board of Directors, parents, and students, to design, implement, and evaluate instructional programs and operational policies.

  5. Implement practices and systems for healthy ongoing communication with families that includes active listening, consistent written communications and follow-up to parent meetings and conversations.

  6. Develop and follow parent-teacher and teacher-student agreements.


We ask MdMCS students to:

  1. Participate in the classroom community by engaging in lessons, independent work, and whole class activities/meetings.

  2. Be safe, respectful, responsible, and productive at the school and beyond.

  3. Practice the Montessori method and be guided by teachers and school support staff.

  4. Communicate with teachers, staff, and parents about academic and social experiences at the school.

  5. Develop and follow teacher-student agreements.

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