Employment Opportunities at MdMCS

Independent Study Teacher 

Our Montessori inspired independent study program merges principles of choice, independence, relatedness, and ownership over learning with home-based instruction. 


The MIIS program teacher will:

  • Partner with students and parents to develop a teacher-student agreement and individualized learning program based on the child’s developmental phase, experience with academics and schooling, and areas of interest.

  • Work with students to design work contracts and plans, choosing from a variety of curriculum options provided by MdMCS.

  • Design a schedule for lessons, student-teacher conferences, parent-teacher conferences, and work completion for each student.

  • Provide instruction and guidance to IS students through a combination of streamed lessons, Google Classroom, and/or phone conferences.

  • Plan, implement and track lessons and student learning. 

  • Guide the Student Portfolio process to document learning and progress in all content areas over the course of the year. 

  • Work with children ages 6 to13 years (grades 1 to 8). 

  • Be supported and overseen by the Executive Director.


A qualified candidate has:

  • Bachelor’s in education or similar

  • An active teaching credential in any state

  • Experience with designing individualized curriculum and delivering individualized instruction

  • Familiarity with online classroom platforms and video conferencing

  • Experience building relationships with students and parents

  • Developed organizational and planning skills

  • Educational values and practices that align with Montessori’s child-centered  philosophy 

  • A willingness to learn about Montessori philosophy, take direction and take responsibility for designated tasks


Montessori del Mar Community School:

  • A Montessori elementary and middle school program on the beautiful North coast of California.  

  • Located in a rural community on the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by Redwoods.  

  • Has over a ten year history in our community and a reputation as an inclusive and friendly learning community.


Please email a brief bio and resume to Chloe Reed, Director, at chloedirector@montessoridelmar.org.

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Montessori del Mar Community School Non-discrimination Policy

Montessori del Mar Community School does not discriminate in employment or in the admission or expulsion of a child on the basis of gender, national origin, ancestry, primary language, race, religion, class, handicap or disability or the marital status, religious beliefs, sexual preference, or political persuasion of the employee, student or student's family.